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Supported Internship

Volunteer Case Study: A Conversation with Brandon

Brandon, a student volunteering at CAP on a supported internship through his college, spoke to Anu, a student completing Work Experience, about his time so far at CAP.

A: Why did you choose to volunteer with CAP?

B: As soon as I found out about CAP and what they do, I became really interested in the organisation and how much they contribute to the community.

A: What do you enjoy most about volunteering with CAP?

B: Empowering people to help themselves.

A: What are some of the challenges of volunteering with CAP?

B: Some cases are incredibly complex- I always seem to manage to get involved in these! So, gaining the confidence to work with people, adapt quickly and think on my feet has definitely been a challenge.

A: How has your disability impacted your time at CAP? [Brandon is a wheelchair user]

B: Thankfully, the team at CAP are supportive and were ready to make adjustments for my needs even without me having to ask, the team made changes that they felt would best suit me and my needs. This included reconfiguring a ground floor room in order to allow me to better access a computer. Honestly, I feel just as included as everyone else- my disability has never held me back at CAP!

A: Have you gained any new skills and experiences through CAP?

B: I have definitely learned that no two clients are the same and thus, to take their issues at face value and not have any preconceptions. I’ve also gained people skills.

A: Would you recommend volunteering at CAP to others? Why?

B: Absolutely! You’re never alone volunteering at CAP; there are always colleagues and supervisors willing to support you. I would say that if anyone has the chance, they should definitely volunteer at CAP [or their local NCA outpost]- especially if they are looking towards a career in social care or community action. I really enjoy volunteering here!

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