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We hosted a university intern from Anglia Ruskin University for eight weeks to research and implement video conferencing software for client advice appointments. The internship was a great success and we were incredibly pleased with the outcomes achieved by our intern, Chandan Gopinath. We are now piloting the offer of video advice appointments with some of our referral partners. 

Internship Experience Reflection – Chandan Gopinath

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to Citizens Advice Peterborough for giving me an opportunity to work as an Intern for the last two months. My internship gave me an opportunity to gain more administrative skills and improve my interpersonal relationships. My internship mainly focused on suggesting a video conferencing platform to Citizens Advice Peterborough.

Although this is my first internship in the UK, I never felt pressured or overwhelmed by my work mainly due to the staff of Citizens Advice. Right from my first day of internship until the last the constant support given to me by the staff was incredible. I was constantly backed by the staff which in turn helped me to make decisions at different stages of the internship. Although I had to perform task which were outside my skillset, I was constantly given advice and suggestions to make my work effective. My friends often used to ask how my MSc. in Mechanical Engineering fits into my internship in Citizens Advice. I can now say that I have gained the administrative skills and the confidence to start building my career.

Special thanks to Helen, James and Emanuele who gave me constant support and constructive advice to make my work more efficient. I have always admired how an organization like Citizens Advice is helping people in need even at this day and age and I sincerely hope the organization continues its brilliant work in the future. I can only wish I can get a chance to work at Citizens Advice in the future.

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