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Become a trustee

As an independent charity, Citizens Advice Peterborough (CAP) is overseen by its own board of trustees. The board is collectively responsible for the governance of the charity, including setting an overall vision; this can broadly be defined as:

  • holding staff accountable, and being ultimately accountable for the activities of the service
  • providing leadership to all in the charity
  • developing policy
  • strategic oversight

The board is responsible for maintaining a high-level overview of the charity and its place in the community, and using that to make long-term decisions about strategic direction and values, and to safeguard the good name and ethos of the charity and the Citizens Advice service. As the governing body, it has overall responsibility for the management of the charity.

The board delegates the operational management of the service to the chief executive officer, making sure it runs smoothly and effectively, and delivers the service agreed with the board. This essentially means that the board gives the chief officer duties and powers to represent them, and to manage the service on their behalf. The most recent Annual Report and Audited Accounts provide a useful overview of what CAP has achieved in recent years.

We are looking to recruit new members to join the board of trustees to enhance its breadth of experience and diversity. In particular, we are keen to hear from you if you have skills and knowledge in one or more of the following areas: training and development, fundraising, health and safety or human resources.

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What's involved in becoming a trustee

Trusteeship can be rewarding for many reasons - from a sense of making a difference to the charitable cause, to acquiring new experiences and contacts. It’s also likely to be demanding of your time, skills, knowledge and abilities. Find out more about what's involved in our trustee information pack. Reach Volunteering has also created a useful information guide about becoming a trustee. Being aware of the duties and responsibilities will help you carry out your role in a way that not only serves the charity well but also gives you confidence that you will be complying with key requirements of the law. The Charity Commission has produced a detailed guide to the duties and responsibilities of all charity trustees and a charity trustee welcome pack.

Apply to become a trustee

We are not currently recruiting any additional trustees.

However, you are welcome to register your interest in a future trustee role by emailing us at