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The Census 2021 – Additional Help

It’s almost time to take part in Census 2021. It’s your opportunity to help inform decisions about services that shape your community in Peterborough, such as doctors’ surgeries, new schools and transport.

It’s important that you fill in your census questionnaire because it will give the government the most detailed information to date about our society.

Without the information you share, it’d be more difficult to understand the needs of our community. This information will help Peterborough to plan for and to fund the public services.

Ahead of Census Day (Sunday 21 March), the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will send you a letter in the post with an access code and instructions on how to take part online.

The ONS aim to make things as easy as possible for everyone, but if you need help filling in the census, there’s a wide range of support services available.

You can request support for yourself, or someone else, including:

  • guidance and help in many languages and formats
  • a paper version of the questionnaire, if you prefer
  • accessible census guidance, for example, in braille

There is a help area on the census website, which covers everything from who to include on the questionnaire to how to answer each question.

If you cannot find what you need there, there’s a dedicated contact centre where census staff will be on hand to give help over the phone, in a web chat or on social media.

If you need help, visit

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