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Save on your car insurance and never overpay again

After everything that happened in 2020, many of us are extra conscious about how much we’re spending and what we can do to save.

If you’re looking for an easy win, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds by simply taking a few minutes to look at your car insurance. I know, I know… it sounds boring, but it isn’t the hassle you probably think it is. It really does take just a few minutes.

Car insurance is one of those things that we have to deal with. We fill out the annoying forms, sign up and then just leave it. The insurance providers automatically renew your deal, and there’s no hassle that way.

But what you might not know, is that you’re basically being punished for this. You’d be forgiven for thinking that your loyalty with a car insurance provider would be rewarded, but this is so rarely the case. For most of you, allowing your car insurance policy to automatically renew is a huge mistake, and one that can cost you a small fortune.

So, if you’re not rewarded for your loyalty, why stay loyal? Car insurance is a fiercely competitive market, so by shopping around, you could potentially save a lot of money.

Finding a better deal is easier than ever these days, with a range of price comparison sites out there to help you find a cheaper quote. Simply fill in a few details about you and your car, and they’ll… compare the market to find which deals fit your needs, ordering them conveniently with the cheapest at the top.

Once you’ve found a quote that you like (remember it’s not just about who’s cheapest – be careful to get the cover you actually need), you can sign up there and then, with your new provider breaking the news to your old one. You can avoid that awkward conversation…

Now, just because you’ve done it once, don’t think the savings end there. Remember, by staying loyal to your old provider, you missed out on some big savings, so don’t get too pally with your new provider, just because they saved you some money. Chances are, by the time you come to renew next year, a cheaper deal will be available once again, meaning there are more savings to be made.

Now you know how easy it is to switch and save, you’re probably thinking you should jump straight on and find a better deal. So, when’s the best time to compare car insurance?

Well, there’s no time like the present, obviously, but you should know that the best time to get the cheapest quotes on car insurance is three weeks before your renewal date.

So, now you know how much you can save, how to do it and when to do it, make sure you’re getting the right deal on your car insurance and never have to overpay again. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to save money each year, meaning you can save or spend that money elsewhere.

Tom Harrison, content writer in financial services

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