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Save £100s on your household bills in just a few minutes

Find out how you could save big by switching your energy, broadband and phone deals.

As we head into the New Year, after the cost of Christmas and 2020, many of us are looking for ways to look after our money and save a little better.

Easy wins can seem hard to come by, but there are some big ones to make. By just taking a few minutes of your time, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds by switching deals on some of your everyday household bills. Things like your energy, broadband, TV and phone. We’re just so used to paying for these things, we forget how much we’re paying for them.

If you haven’t had a look at your bills in as little as a year, there’s a good chance that you’re overpaying on all of these things. If you’ve left it three, five, even 10 years, you could be in for quite a surprise.

This is because you’re being punished for your loyalty on all these things. Providers know that we hate dealing with it, and, by letting you automatically renew and ‘remove the hassle’, they can raise their prices until you’re paying way too much.

When it comes to energy, this is more important than ever. In 2020, many of us worked from home, keeping those lights and heating on through the day. This means your bill’s probably risen, and, if you’re already on a bad deal, this is even worse. Especially after the energy price cap increase, from April 2021, which means they can overcharge you even more than they already could be.

But it’s not just your energy. Broadband, TV and phone providers are all doing the same thing. Each year your prices can creep up, and, with new deals entering the market constantly, you’re probably missing out on better and cheaper deals.

With broadband, you could be missing out on faster speeds that are available in your area, and these could even be available at a cheaper price than what you’re paying now. It quite literally pays to compare deals and switch. You could even end up with better speeds, more channels or more data for your various packages, while still saving money!

And switching these things is easy. Price comparison websites make finding a cheaper deal quick and simple. You could get a quote within just a few minutes, and all you need to do is enter a few details. Once done, they’ll find you quotes from loads of providers, big and small, starting with the cheapest at the top.

Once you’ve compared the quotes and found the one you like the most, you can simply click through and switch. Best of all, your new provider will normally take care of the rest, including breaking the news to your old provider. One less thing to worry about!

But don’t stop there. Like I said before, staying loyal ends up costing you, so get into the habit of switching each year, or whenever your contract ends, to avoid ending up on their ‘standard’ rate. ‘Standard rate’ usually translates to ‘worst rate’, so switch regularly to avoid ending up on it.

So, now you know that a few simply switches can potentially save you hundreds of pounds, it’s time to get yourself a better deal. Swapping your household suppliers is one of the easiest switches you can make to save money. You can keep the same quality but still save big. It’s a no brainer!

Tom Harrison, content writer in financial services

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