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Money Saving Tips to Help Manage Your Finances this Spring 

Spring is the time to refresh and renew. As well as Spring cleaning your home, why not make sure your finances are in order this March? Here are our nine useful tips to help you keep on top of your finances: 

  1. Work out your budget: Create a simple budget listing what you’re earning, what you’re spending and where you might be able to save money. You can use the Citizens Advice budget tool to help you. It only takes 30 minutes to complete and will help youfind out where you might be able to cut your costs.  
  2. Use our benefits calculator: Check whether you are eligible for any welfare benefits or tax credits using our free and simple benefits calculator.
  3. Reduce household bills: Work on reducing your household bills by considering switching providers or changing your current plan.
  4. Check your subscriptions: Cancel any unnecessary memberships or subscriptions.
  5. Shop smart: When food shopping, plan-out your meals; make a shopping list and stick to it. See how much you can save on your shopping bill by collecting coupons, buying own brands, avoiding ready meals or takeaways and making your own lunch for work, using leftovers. 
  6. Turn down the thermostat: Lower your heating thermostat or limit the time when your heating is on. Turn down radiators in rooms you’re not using and wear layered clothing 
  7. Shop Second HandMake use of charity shops and second hand shops where possible. This is also better for the environment. 
  8. Sell unwanted items: If you find items you no longer want or use when Spring cleaning your home, consider selling these. Read this helpful article from Money Saving Expert for advice on Second Hand selling.  
  9. Get help if you’re worried: If your outgoings still exceed your income, then contact us via the Citizens Advice Peterborough’s Freephone number – 0808 278 7850. Or instantly access free online guides and resources at Alternatively, for further advice visit Step Change Debt Charity, the UK’s leading debt advice charity, for free, impartial and confidential support.  


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