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Council Tax Support for Peterborough residents

Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and Council Tax Support can help clients to pay some or all of your rent and council tax costs if you are on a low income. Clients are not able to make a claim for Housing Benefit in Peterborough unless they are in one of the eligible groups. Instead they will need to make a claim for Universal Credit.

Everyone liable for council tax will need to claim Council Tax Support from the council even if they are claiming Universal Credit for their housing costs.

Eligible people able to make a claim for Housing Benefit are those that:

  • are of state pension age – both the client and their partner if you they have one (if they are a couple and only one is of state pension age then they will need to claim universal credit) OR
  • are in specified accommodation (usually where care and/or personal support is provided), OR
  • are (or their partner is) in receipt of a Severe Disability Premium as part of an existing benefit, or were within the last month and continue to satisfy the eligibility criteria for it

Find details on how to apply for Council Tax Support on the Peterborough City Council website:

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