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The impact of Covid-19 on our clients

Citizens Advice Peterborough holds a huge amount of insight and data about the problems our clients and their wider communities face. We can use this insight and data to do several things:

  • To help us research issues further

  • To influence decision makers to change policies and practices

  • To campaign to get decision makers to change policies and practices.
We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are responsible for analysing and understanding the information we gather from our clients. The Research and Campaigns volunteers utilise our clients’ stories to help us to raise awareness of the issues they face and to campaign for lasting change locally and nationally.

Recent R&C projects

Our Research and Campaigns team have produced some interesting reports highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on our clients and the issues they have experienced over the past year. Read how the pandemic has impacted upon the employment and housing issues reported to us by our clients by visiting our Research and Campaigns page.

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