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Citizens Advice Peterborough Services to change to help address the city’s housing crisis

From 1 April 2020, Citizens Advice Peterborough is to close its face to face drop-in  service. This closure forms part of a wider package of changes that are to take place  over the next 12 months which are designed to help the charity deal with shrinking  budgets and a change in how people like to access information.

Citizens Advice Peterborough will be moving to a telephone based assessment and  appointments service from 1st April 2020. The service will be available from 10:00 to  16:00 Monday to Friday. Clients can receive information on their problems and where  necessary an appointment with a skilled adviser. Citizens Advice Peterborough think this  will make the service more accessible to people who will no longer need to queue in  person for an appointment. Clients can access the new service on 0344 499 4120.

Citizens Advice Peterborough has an important job to do providing information, advice  and support to the City’s residents, in particular, that which helps them avoid  homelessness. In 2019, Citizens Advice Peterborough supported 726 clients who  presented with homelessness issues

Coupled with this, there has been a 18% rise in the number of people accessing services  via the telephone, website and social media. The charity is now adapting its services to  address all these issues.

Keith Jones, Chief Executive at Citizens Advice Peterborough said: “We will continue to  give people within Peterborough the knowledge and confidence they need to find their  way forward – whoever they are and whatever their problem. Instead of coming into the  office, they will need to head to our website, telephone or social media where they will be  able to find information and support to help them make the best choices for  themselves.”

Councillor Irene Walsh, Cabinet Member for Communities for Peterborough City  Council, said: “Citizens’ Advice Peterborough provides a valuable service for residents  and we hope that the new way of accessing support will make it easier for people to get  help and advice. We know that not everyone has access to a computer or knows how to  use the internet. For those people, they can use computers at any of the ten libraries  across the city where staff will be able to assist customers to get online if needed. In  addition, Vivacity runs regular computer courses.”

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