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Lloyds Bank Foundation

In October 2019, Citizens Advice Peterborough successfully applied to the Lloyds Bank Foundation for a one year grant of £14,954. The grant has been utilised to fund the salary of an Advice Support Worker who is tasked with contacting clients after their advice appointments to assist them with any follow-up actions they need to take. Our Advice Support Worker is able to offer support and encouragement to clients with regular contact, via their preferred method, to successfully achieve their action plan and to help them to move forward.  

The advice support process involves:

  • agreeing an action plan between clients and their adviser
  • contacting clients after their appointment to establish any progress made with the action plan to date
  • helping clients to focus on a few actions at a time (starting with most urgent/important)
  • offering clients support or guidance to complete their agreed actions
  • motivating clients to complete their action plans and explaining why these actions are important
  • offering follow-up calls as needed by clients until they no longer require support

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