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Tenancy Agreements
Information on tenancy agreements - Source: Citizens Advice

Eviction and Repossession
Information you need regarding eviction and repossession including your rights - Source: Shelter

Homelessness - how to apply to the local authority
Explains what to do if you are homeless and want to apply for help - Source: Shelter

Information about homelessness in Peterborough - Source: Peterborough City Council

Home owners and repossession
Information regarding what happens if your home is being repossessed - Source: Shelter

Emergency Housing eligibility checker
Check if you are eligible for emergency housing - Source: Shelter


Legal Aid help in Cambridgeshire

The Legal Aid Agency has granted GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates the contract for providing housing and debt advice in the Cambridgeshire area under the Legal Aid Scheme.  The contract will be delivered in partnership with Citizens Advice Peterborough.  We are keen to work with other voluntary organisations in the county and region to ensure that clients receive fearless and effective representation in housing law.

The services will include face to face advice provision at the offices of Citizens Advice Peterborough.  GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates will provide the full range of assistance in housing law.  This will include the following matters:-

  1. Representation in possession proceedings where your landlord is seeking to evict you from your home.
  2. Representation in cases where your landlord is refusing to carry out repairs to your home which is jeopardising your health and safety.
  3. Representation in cases where your landlord is harassing you with the intention of forcing you out of the property.
  4. Applications for housing assistance with local authorities due to homelessness.

If you require assistance with regards to any of these issues, please contact us on 020 8299 6000, or contacting our partners, Citizens Advice Peterborough on 0344 499 4120.

Housing Factsheet