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What is Healthwatch?

Healthwatch Peterborough
Link to the local Healthwatch in Peterborough - Source: Healthwatch Peterborough

Healthwatch National
Link to the National Healthwatch website - Source: Healthwatch


Support for Carers
Information from Peterborough City Council for the support available for carers in the city - Source: Peterborough City Council

Carers UK
National charity providing advice and information for Carers - Source: Carers UK

Age UK - Support for Carers
Information from Age UK regarding being a carer - Source: Age UK

Children and Young people

Young people - health and personal
Information on health related issues for 14-18 year olds - Source: Citizens Advice

Worried about a child? (safeguarding)
Information on what to do if you have concern for a child's well being - Source: Peterborough City Council

Support for young carers
Information on the support in the city for young carers - Source: Peterborough City Council

Access to GP's

How do I register with a GP
Information on how to register with a GP - Source: NHS

Search for a GP near you
A search function from the NHS to find the closest GP - Source: NHS

Private health Care

Should I pay for private health care?
Information on private health care - Source: Citizens Advice