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Stay Well this Winter

We will be administrating the Stay Well This Winter service that aims to enable vulnerable individuals/families living in Peterborough and facing fuel poverty to get a single grant of up to £300 to contribute towards future heating costs. As such, please see the attached application form for this year’s Stay Well This Winter Project with a summary of this year’s client eligibility below:

One of:

Over 65 years of Age

Has a disability or cold-related illness

And one of:

Is in receipt of any means tested benefit

Has a family income below £21,000 per annum

Has little or no savings

Should you have any clients who meet the criteria then please complete the application form with the client and send through a copy on Refernet. Attached to this can there please be a copy of the energy bill for payment direct to the supplier or if the client has a prepayment meter we will provide payment to the referring organization and notify accordingly.

If you are not on Refernet, then please post a copy of the completed form to our main office or give a printed copy to the client and signpost them to either our main office or one of our outreach locations. The client will need to bring along a copy of their energy bill (and gas card if they have one).

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