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Summary of Previous Projects

In 2015, Research and Campaigns team collected key points concerning: The Prevention of homelessness. This included duties on homeless people, themselves to ATTEND court, when required to. Another document looked at the agencies that help homeless people in Peterborough to access homeless organisations; this has now been superseded by: “The Stay off the Streets  

 Peterborough project, which combines “Statutory and Non-statutory” organisations to work together as one, with the objective of ending street homelessness in Peterborough. 

In 2016, family welfare was also looked into by the research and campaigns team and a survey was written in order to collect information on the various challenges that families faced in obtaining sufficient welfare to live on. In 2017, Citizens advice Peterborough, “Research & Campaigns” team, reviewed the issue of: Banking in Peterborough. In 2018, a limited amount of research was undertaken by the team on: Council Tax Arrears, & Housing Arrears, unfortunately the research remains unpublished. 

Going forward the emphasis will be on the eradication of homelessness and the research team will be bringing together the various strands that contribute to the challenge of homelessness in Peterborough and looking at what the collective response can be from the various agencies, both Statuary and Non Statuary, who work together to meet the objective of making homelessness in Peterborough, an experience of a bygone era.   


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