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A number of individuals across the country have received fraudulent calls from a number which appears to be HMRC. In one case, this number called a member of Citizen’s Advice Peterborough; a man introduced himself as Simon York Officer of court appeals and informed her that she was committing a crime of tax fraud since starting a new job. He asked to confirm her identity by giving a name and address, and gave what seemed to be legitimate information such as a badge and ID number, all of which made the call appear official.  

She was then informed that she was going to be arrested for the matter, and that she had to make an immediate decision; either go against the case and be willing to pay £40,000 if it is lost, or admit to the crime and face the charges. Following this they stated that if a decision was not made, police would arrive at her house to make an arrest, and she stated she would accept the latter, leading her to ultimately realise it was an illegitimate call.–rise-in-phone-scams-that-tell-victims-they-owe-p1-000s-/

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