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Case Study Summary

Case Study: Housing   

Amy is a 59-year-old British woman who is single and lives by herself in a rented house. She had always been paying her weekly rent of £98.9 on time, until her working hours at Poundland were reduced, causing her to fall behind with her arrangements and an accumulation of her rent arrears of £1201.50. As Amy was not receiving any kind of benefit income, she was unable to keep up with her rent and bills; when she came to us, she had been presented with an eviction warrant from Axiom which required her to evict the house in a day’s time.  

Although left devastated, we were able to support and address the full range of issues that Amy was presented with. She was informed about the eviction process and the process of suspending eviction warrant. Upon contacting Axiom for more information, each personnel refused to disclose anything because of data protection, and although Amy was present and gave her permission to speak about the matter, they insisted on speaking personally to her. Both personnel that we spoke to were unhelpful, rude and patronising when speaking to Amy, increasing her previous distress on the matter.   

Case Study: Housing  

Alice is a vulnerable and depressed woman, because of the loss of her daughter; she is a lone parent living with her 16-year-old son. She had been declared fit for work and her ESA (employment and support allowance) had been stopped, despite living with severe health issues including depression and arthritis. Additionally, her Universal Credit is also deducted, so she is experiencing extreme financial hardship and finding it difficult to make ends meet, and she has been presented with a notice from her landlord for seeking possession on Grounds 10 and 11.   

Upon turning to Citizens Advice Peterborough for help, we were able to provide appropriate guidance related to all her issues. We wrote holding letters to Axiom, stating Alice’s condition of depression and deduction in Universal Credit, requesting for 30 days grant. Despite acknowledging our letter, they still issued a claim for possession on the same day, claiming that Alice lied to avoid paying off the arrears and refusing to believe the situation. The behavior of Axiom here was unacceptable and left Alice in a state of devastation.   

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