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Office closure – Tuesday 28th January 2020

Please note that on Tuesday 28th January 2020 we will be closed due to staff training. We will reopen on Wednesday 28th January 2020 with our normal operating hours. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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New office closure time

From Monday 6th January 2020 onwards our office will be closed from 3pm.

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Your rights if your employer is insolvent

If your employer has gone into liquidation then please visit for your rights.

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Worried about losing your home? We can help you

I am renting and have an assured shorthold tenancy. I have been struggling to pay the rent for a few months. I am working full time but my wages aren’t enough. I am only just managing with my other bills and spending. Now I am falling behind on my payments and I am worried about... Read more »

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Stop, Report, Talk: Be Scam Aware

“Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware” says Citizens Advice Peterborough as it finds only 1 in 2 people report scams. Over half of population in the eastern region have been approached by a scammer in the last two years finds Citizens Advice Peterborough. Worryingly, of those targeted, only 50% of people spoke to anyone about it.... Read more »

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Need help making a new Universal Credit claim?

At Citizens Advice Peterborough we can support you to make a new claim for Universal Credit, from opening your account to receiving your first full payment. Our trained advisers can help you to: Set-up your Universal Credit account Complete your claim to-dos Verify your identity Make sure you’re providing the right evidence to the Jobcentre... Read more »

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For everyone, for 80 years

Life can be tough for everyone at times and the need for free, confidential, independent advice in the year ahead will be more important than ever. 2019 is set to be a year of uncertainty, complexity and change. Managing money, family and health worries and understanding consumer and legal rights are just some of the... Read more »

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